Simple Questions, Simple Answers

Looking to get a website? Have some questions? You need answers. Here are a few.

How can I get a website that I can change or add to any time I want?

What you need is a nice, fast, phone-friendly site, built using a content-management system, and someone to show you how to change it or add to it as much as you like.

If you can use Office software or Email, you can probably handle a site like this. There are a number of ways to build such a site, but we tend towards WordPress, for it’s world-class stability, flexibility, and long-term reliability.

In order to make the most of a site built this way, you need hosting that is optimized for it. Our services offer advantages here that many do not.

How can I get lots of visitors from search engines like Google?

This is mostly about two important things:

  1. Having a fast, reliable, quality site that answers exactly what people are searching for, and provides them a valuable resource.
  2. Networking efforts to raise awareness. Each quality link to your site improves your “rank,” so this is where marketing strategy needs to play a part.

We focus on doing these two things well, even though it’s not “easy,” because that’s exactly what search engines expect, no more – no less. Your business’s reputation is on the line, so be wary, plenty of services offer unwise tricks to get short-term results.

How do I get more customers to call or show up, quickly?

First, you need an online presence. With some marketing help, you can then reach out to people in your service area. Using targeted online advertising can be much more efficient than traditional media.

With expert help, you can make the most of your budget with campaigns designed to engage exactly the people that you want coming through your door, calling, or even visiting your site ─ the ones that are already looking to buy.

In turn, your website also needs to be specially prepared to work with such campaigns, in order to drive engagement with interested visitors.

Can I get help setting up social media accounts for my business?

Yes, and it is important to get some help in this area in order to create a consistent, recognizable brand experience, no matter what platform your customers want to connect with you on.

Having a well-configured presence on these platforms can improve your total online visibility, and it can play a key role in advertising campaigns.

With end-to-end services, your website can also be configured so that you can share news, offers, products, and even just interesting information on your site, and in a way that potential customers can see and share on their favorite platforms, especially if they’ve engaged with you before.

How can I sell things on my website?

There are a number of services that specialize in making it easy to list products, collect payments, manage shipments, and communicate with customers. These offer ways to integrate with your site, but it needs to be adjusted to look and feel like a part of your site.

Others services simply help collect payments, and leave the listings and interaction to you. This takes some expertise to do properly, but it leaves you free to manage your own listings without added fees per listing.

It’s worth discussing what you’d like to accomplish and looking at the options that best suit your needs, before even starting the layout of your site.

What about my other questions?

Call us at 778-486-9916 or email and we’ll see how we can help you.